Life Planning
Why Life planning

Life planning is for the person who is hungry for much-needed perspective on where they’ve been and where they are going. It is an intentional time out to reflect with another person by taking stock of their current reality. Life planning is for a person who feels like they might have drifted from the truly important. Or it could be for the individual who needs to dream about the next chapter by exploring a number of life or career paths. Life planning is a dedicated space to enable a person to walk around their lives from a number of angles.

Buck Rogers Life Planning Services
What Life planning is

Life planning is a dynamic interaction between three reflection dimensions: visual, verbal, and visceral. The visual component centers on the use of flipcharts to capture the ideas and insights. The actual charts act to mirror back critical reflections as an individual “sees” their own words in writing.The verbal aspect of life planning occurs as a person gives “voice” to thoughts, longings, and dreams. It is often quite powerful for people to simply hear themselves express thoughts aloud, sometimes for the very first time. And lastly, the visceral component of life planning involves the deepest intentions of a person’s heart. It is the holy moment, when an individual discovers or re-discovers their life calling. Somewhere between bone and marrow, is a strongly held passion that God has placed inside of the person. Life planning is an invitation to explore that calling with fresh enthusiasm and perspective.

How Life Planning works

There a number of reflection exercises that I take people through when facilitating their life plan. When doing a life plan in person, the session is a full day. Long distance life planning via skype is typically spread out over 4-6 sessions. There is some advance work that I ask people to do to prepare for a life planning experience which include reflection on their personal timeline. All life plan insights help position a person to frame several “bold moves” that they want to pursue in the next 6-18 months.


Life Planning Sample Exercises:

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life planning exercise 1 life planning exercise 3 life planning exercise 4