I have had the privilege of working with dozens of denominations, hundreds of churches, and thousands of leaders over the last twenty years. The churches come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors from new church plants to large expansive churches numbering in the thousands. Below are some of the leaders and churches I have come along side as a coach, mentor, trainer, and trusted friend. That His Name would be more renown!

Church Consulting
City Church Charlotte | Buck Rogers Coaching & Consulting

City Church Charlotte

The leadership team of this church plant was looking for an outside perspective to give them counsel and guidance regarding their future.

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CityLife Church Melbourne | Buck Rogers Coaching Church Consulting

CityLife Church, Melbourne, Australia

The church was in the midst of a leadership change and the ministry staff were eager for an opportunity to learn together and to receive personal coaching.

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Cucamonga Christian Fellowship | Buck Rogers Coaching & Consulting

Cucamonga Christian Fellowship

The senior pastor wanted to position the church for a relocation into a permanent church home.

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New Life Fellowship Church in Queens, NY | Buck Rogers Coaching & Consulting

New Life Fellowship, Queens, NY

New Life was entering it’s twenty-fifth year of ministry and was sensing that it was time to hand the church over to a younger group of ministry leaders.

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Leadership Coaching
Pastor Todd Rettberg | Buck Rogers Coaching & Consulting

Pastor Todd Rettberg:

"Buck has had a huge impact on my life and ministry. He has walked beside through good times and really tough ones. He has given me great insight into how to be more intentional in my ministry and my personal life. I have told many people that without Buck in my life I would not still be in ministry. He has been such a vital part of my life and I am incredibly thankful for him. Our Life Planning times have given me an opportunity to take a snap shot of my life and gain much needed perspective. I have been able to take a look back and move forward with a game plan. I think the lasting results are being able to talk with my wife, Lisa about what we discussed on our day. This has enabled us to navigate current situations and how to see how best to make decisions in the future. "

Dr. Robert Acker, Sr. Pastor:

"Buck Rogers has been invaluable to our church's health and vitality. He's come alongside our staff and board on a regular basis to coach, equip, and help us discern our best future and the path forward. Dr. Rogers is a gifted leader to both the church and marketplace -- I can't recommend him enough."

Peter Leigh, Executive Minister:

"Buck has been coaching me for over 15 years – initially it was face to face when he was a missionary ‘down under’ (aka Australia) and over recent years via phone and Skype. Buck has had a profound impact on me personally and professionally as a coach and mentor and spiritually as he has journeyed with me though the ups and downs of life and ministry. He asks the hard questions, gets the best out of you, and helps you think and process. He’s been a sounding board, a mentor, a strategist, a resource, a prayer warrior, and a supporter. I love the fact that he understands my world but he’s outside it and I can be totally honest, say what I think, and process in the moment without reservation. Buck has been a pressure reliever and a life saver. I’m still going full on in ministry after 20 years and Buck’s been a huge part of that journey."
Life Planning
Fraser Venter Cucamonga Christian Fellowship | Buck Rogers Coaching Church Consulting

Pastor, Fraser Venter

What I enjoyed about the Life planning experience was the ease of the process. Buck takes you through reflective and sometimes difficult aspects of your own personal journey. His expertise in navigating these times...

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Judi Noble founder Eagles Wings | Buck Rogers Coaching Church Consulting

Judi Noble

The thing that I most enjoyed about the Life planning experience was looking at my early life until now at age 65, and truly being able to see how God used everything to get me to where I am today...

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Dr Kim Zovak with Church Resource Ministries in Asia | Buck Rogers Coaching Church Consulting

Dr. Kim Zovak

The life planning experience provided a safe environment and extended time to reflect on my past, present and future. Buck's facilitation of the process...

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