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Let's dream big together!

I am passionate about empowering leaders and organizations with the tools they need to turn their dreams into reality.

My goal is to help you gain much needed clarity about what’s most important and empower you to build a road map for accomplishing those priorities. I call it “clear and done!” My consulting and coaching practice positions leaders and organizations from around the world to reflect deeply, plan comprehensively, and execute consistently.

1 Hour Complimentary Coaching Session Buck Rogers
Leadership Coaching

Life change happens best in the context of relationships.

After having logged over 3,000 hours of coaching leaders around the globe I believe that one-on-one coaching can stimulate tremendous breakthroughs.

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Life Planning

A time to reflect, to muse, to dream, and to grapple.

Life planning is a one-on-one process designed to help an individual reflect significantly and deeply.

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Church Consulting

Helping ministry teams to get further, faster.

My on-site consultation work is based around my ability to listen, to ask a myriad of questions, and serve as a catalyst for much-needed clarity.

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Contact Me Today!

It's time to get it clear, to get it done!

Contact us today and let's dream big together, develop clarity, and make those dreams a reality.

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why Buck
New Life Fellowship Church in Queens, NY | Buck Rogers Coaching & Consulting

Pete Scazzero founding pastor of New Life Fellowship Church in Queens, NY and the best selling author of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and Emotionally Healthy Church.

Pete Scazzero Author of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and Emotionally Healthy Church | Buck Rogers Coaching & Consulting
"I highly recommend Buck Rogers to you. Buck has been a wonderful gift to New Life Fellowship Church over the last 4 years, providing excellent consultant leadership in everything from vision clarity, leadership coaching, strategic planning, and resolving conflicts. And now, as we move through my succession to the next generation of leadership, he is serving them equally as well!”
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