Life Planning Testimonials
Pastor Fraser Venter

Pastor Fraser Venter
Cucamonga Christian Fellowship

What I enjoyed about the Life planning experience was the ease of the process. Although Buck takes you through reflective and sometimes difficult aspects of your own personal journey his expertise in navigating these times made the process accessible and approachable. I found myself often through the time together gaining such valuable insight into the areas of my life that are distracting, enhancing and encouraging both my short and long term goals.

The continual fruit of this experience has been the ability to always go back to the plan when the daily/weekly tasks seem overwhelming. The Life plan becomes a great compass when navigating present and future obligations. Also, it has allowed my self-leadership and public leadership to thrive with clarity, consistency and depth. This has by far been of the greatest tools for both my personal and professional life. Highly recommend and I look forward to my next time with Buck doing a Life Plan renewal.


Pastor Fraser Venter

Judi Noble
Founder, Eagles Wings

The thing that most I enjoyed about the LIfe planning experience was looking at my early life until now at age 65, and truly being able to see how God used everything to get me to where I am today. My poor choices, my failures and success's and how my journey truly was alway meant to position me for what I am currently doing; however even more important is how The Lord has shaped me to be HIS woman, through pain and problems. The fruit of life planning has been a true sense of where I am going and it focused me on what my calling requires. Before "life planning" I was scattered and unclear about where I was headed. Thanks again, Buck for helping me to identity my true path and to be encouraged to stay on it. I am truly indebted to you, friend.


Pastor Fraser Venter

Dr. Kim Zovak
Missionary with Church Resource Ministries in Asia

The life planning experience provided a safe environment and extended time to reflect on my past, present and future. Buck's facilitation of the process, thoughtful questions and keen insights helped me clarify some of my key values and needs, find words to articulate them and be able to be more intentional about making decisions around these discoveries. I had no idea at the time, but the insights I gleaned from the Life Planning process would end up leading our family into a new adventure in Asia!