strategic planning

I have been heavily influence by a giant in the strategic planning world. His name is Tom Paterson and he was a colleague of Peter Drucker’s for many years. Tom developed a robust planning process for teams and organization called a StratOp where he married Strategy and Operation together. It is his belief that teams can gain clarity quite quickly but they must follow it up with action plans and accountability. My on-site consultations can range from ½ day sessions to two day retreats depending on the needs of the organization. Over several hours of strategic conversations with leadership teams, I capture all group reflections on flipcharts and then help the leaders identify that top priorities for the coming 6-18 months.

Below are a few of the tools that I use to stimulate and frame team discussions. Click on an image below to view a larger version:

Strategic Planning Opportunity Mapping Strategic Planning Ministry Dashboard Strategic Planning Ministry Evaluation Strategic Planning Sample Planning Wheel